The Association of anti MS (ALEM) organised several awareness raising activities this year. On 20 May ALEM hosted a day at the Joaquin Antonio Uribe in Medellin. The beautiful garden has developed from farm land into a historic site of nature.

ALEM associates checked the blood pressure and blood sugar levels of event attendees which included people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their family members. The event focused on raising awareness of MS and other general health issues. TENA held a presentation about MS and bladder weakness. TENA provided leaflets and information from their stall to guest at the event.

The day also included fun activities such as a bingo tournament and guessing games. Guests enjoyed a picnic lunch in the garden conservatory. The fun activities provided entertainment and helped bring guests closer together. The friendly atmosphere made it easy for guests to share their stories about living with MS.

On 26 May ALEM Colombia hosted a teleconference. The teleconference was held from 8am to 12pmin the capital city of Bogotá. The Colombian Neurological Association provided essential MS medical updates over the telephone. On 1 June ALEM took part in a national television interview to raise national awareness about MS across Colombia.

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World MS Day 2012 in Colombia

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Guest talk about living with MS