There are loads of ways to celebrate World MS day. To give you some inspiration we’ve compiled a few examples of activities that took place on and around World MS Day 2013.

Raise awareness – One of the key aims of World MS Day is to raise awareness of MS amongst the general public. You might consider holding a public awareness day like Saudi Arabia did in 2013. Or you could hold lectures and give out fliers to the public, which is what happened in Tunisia. In South Korea they held a World MS Day quiz, while the MS Society in Mexico used their celebrity supporters to hold a  press conference. The Italian MS Society held a  photo exhibition in conjunction with with the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform.

Activities in South Korea, Italy, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia and the UK

Activities in South Korea, Italy, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia and the UK

Educate – World MS Day is also a great opportunity to bring together people with MS, their friends, families and carers in order to learn and share knowledge.  You could hold a seminar as they did in Russia last year, or perhaps exercise classes, like the yoga sessions in Malaysia.

Campaign – World MS Day is a great opportunity to campaign on the issues that affect you and your community. Take inspiration from this year’s theme of access and ask decision makers to help make life easier for people with MS where you live. Set up a petition, arrange meetings, or organise a gathering of people to get your message out there.

Fundraise – Walk, bike, swim, sing, knit, cook, read, dance – there are so many ways to fundraise and World MS Day is a great time to ask people to donate to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Work together – Many access issues  that are faced by people with MS are shared with other conditions/disabilities – group together to make your voice louder! See if you can get other  interest groups to join the campaign  to break down barriers on world MS day. Globally 1 in 7 people experience a disability, show how improving access would improve a billion lives.

Get creative- You could ask people to collaborate to paint a mural, or record a song like in China last year, use your imagination! Just remember to take lots of photos and share them with your networks.

Celebrate – World MS Day is also a good day to celebrate the work of your organisation, the support from your community or the people who make life with MS easier. You could host a family day like in Belgium, or perhaps live music and food like in Brazil.

Whatever you decide to do for World MS Day this year make sure you share your plans with the team at MSIF beforehand and send us your pictures afterwards, so we can share your hard work with the rest of the global MS movement.