Hello from MSIF in London.

There’s a lot to tell you about World MS Day 2014 so let’s get to it. The date for 2014 is Wednesday May 28 and the theme is Access.

We want to educate and inform people across the world about the different types of access issues faced by people with MS. We’ll be sharing stories from people with MS about everything from access to treatments and services to mobility and leisure.

We’ll asking people to think about barriers to access in their life and to make a wish for something that would help overcome those barriers. As a way of focusing on the many issues around access we’ll be using the tag-line ‘One Day’.

As ever we have a team of representatives from MS societies across the world to help us shape World MS Day plans and make the campaign as successful as possible. This year the World MS Day working group includes:

Adam Michel from Germany, Chris Yankee from the USA, Debra Cerasa from Australia, Ava Battles from Ireland, Maheswari Narasimhan from India, Maria Jose Wuille-Bille from Argentina, Sandra Fernández Villota from Spain and Mai Sharawy from Egypt.

We also have a new staff member taking a lead on World MS Day this year. Sophie Paterson joined MSIF in November from Action on Smoking and Health Wales and is very excited to be a part of the global MS movement. She’s looking forward to working with partners across the globe to make World MS Day 2014 a huge success.

The campaign will go live at the end of February 2014 with a video on the new website. By then, the toolkit for 2014 will be available. It will include resources to help organisations and individuals organise their own World MS Day activities and events.

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