Positive about MS and the Salford branch of the MS Society organised an event to raise awareness of MS for World MS Day at the Lowry centre in Manchester this week.

Kaz Laljee, founder of Positive about MS and a volunteer at the Salford branch of the MS Society, organised an event at the Lowry Centre to mark World MS Day. As far as we know this was the only activity taking place in the UK on the day.

They had a great day with more than 70 mottos shared from members of the public and a very positive response from visitors.

Kaz said,

“We were thrilled with the response from the public. We had lots of questions about MS and discussion with members of the public so we feel that we certainly reached out to some different people today!

I believe it’s essential that we take part in international events. This is the opportunity for all MS organisations across the world to come together and be united… It’s an opportunity that should not be missed!”

The volunteer team included:

  • Safik & Tasneem Patel (set up)
  • Liz Ainley (volunteer on the day)
  • Marion McCaul (volunteer and helped organise)
  • Mandy Sandhu (helped organise)
  • Abeer Laljee (helped with prep work)
  • Kaz Laljee (event organiser and volunteer on the day)

Take a look at the pictures from the day.

  • Kaz getting the stand ready for visitors
  • photo 3
  • Kaz's motto
  • The motto wall
  • photo 3
  • All of the mottos from the day