Being diagnosed with MS at 18 had a big impact on Breea’s social life, but she managed to see things in a positive light and get on with her life.

“Many people think that because I do have mobility issues or that I may relapse that they may have to ‘babysit’ me.  Many don’t take the time to understand my disease so they seem to want to avoid me to avoid having to talk about it.  I was a cheerleader before MS.  I am no longer a part of that cheer family in the way I used to be and people move on, feel like they have nothing in common with you anymore.  I found out who my really close friends are and discovered which ones were fake or simply just not strong enough to stand by someone with such a life altering disease.”

Breea’s motto for relationships is:


What’s your motto?


Diogo, 23, Portugal

Some reactions to Diogo’s MS diagnosis have been less than positive, but he’s managed to rise above and see who his true friends are.

“It was a great learning process, but it was worthwhile. It makes you a stronger person, more clear-sighted if you stand up and fight. There is a time that you struggle with boring situations related to MS. But on the road there is a moment were maturity arises and you can handle the situations in a different way. There are good and bad people. I get to know both types and learn to deal with them.”

Diogo’s motto for relationships is:


What’s your motto?


Giving a kiss. It is important to give always and to give with love.

Brenda was diagnosed with MS at the age of 20. Her MS diagnosis came with new fears and insecurities, but Brenda didn’t let them hold her back.

“At first I locked myself away a lot , I didn’t want people to hug me or touch me or ask me anything about my life, but MS also strengthened my ties with the closest people in my life, and forced me to keep going, accepting others’ help and company, and slowly learning to live with what happened to me. So I came out of my shell slowly, first building a new relationship with my body and then with my surroundings.”

Brenda’s motto for relationships is:

Brenda's motto for relationships




What’s your motto?


Khaoula getting ready for World MS Day

Khaoula was 15 when she was diagnosed with MS. She was apprehensive about people’s reactions at first, but she soon came to terms with her MS.

“After being in denial for a while, I became strong enough to accept things and face people.”

Khaoula’s motto for relationships is:


What’s your motto?