For Juliana World MS Day 2011 was a life changing experience. She wrote in to tell us what has changed over the past year for her.

The Job she worked in would not consider letting her work for 4 hours in the work place and 4 hours at home as they only considered ‘Time in the workplace’ as time at work. After seeing an animation presentation at last years Italian World MS Day Juliana went back to her work and proposed an 8 hour work day with as much rest as needed which her company happily agreed to.

She also said the principles to promote quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis helped to get her better working conditions and move onwards and upwards in her career. In the past year Juliana has twice visited the British National Multiple Sclerosis Centre to attend a workshop where she acted as an interpreter and as a manager of foreign cooperation. She has also visited the offices of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.

Juliana says that the workshops held on world MS day ‘Empowered her personally’ and she ‘ will never be ‘shy’ to ask for change or demands, even if it sounds unachievable or crazy’

‘(The) general public still has a lot to learn and to understand about MS’