The winner of the tournament is crowned
Despite politcal unrest the show went on in Cairo to crown a chess champion in their World MS Day tournament. Four weeks before World MS Day the chess tournament began in public parks across the city. Due to security problems the remainder of the heats were played online and the two finalists came together for a nailbiting final on 8 June. Spectators were invited to join the fun by creating their own WMSD T-shirts.

To launch the tournament and the 2012 campaign, MS Care chose a local song writer to create a song about living with MS. The song was recorded in both Arabic and English and was used to raise awareness of MS online.

The World MS Day team

On 8 June a second event for people with MS and their families took place. A neurologist spoke about cutting edge treatment and therapies, a physiotherapist spoke about exercise to relieve MS symptoms and a homeopath presented alternative complementary therapies. People with MS were then invited to share their experiences of living with MS in a group therapy session.