The MS Society of the Netherlands utilised World MS Day (WMSD) to raise public awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS). The society supported a four week national outdoor advertisement campaign in the run up to WMSD 2012. The adverts were aimed at grabbing the attention of people who were not familiar with the symptoms of MS and presented these people with MS riddles.

World MS Day 2012

WMSD 2012 Poster's the Netherlands

The outdoor campaign successfully introduced new audiences to MS and World MS Day. The public were encouraged to investigate MS riddles by visiting the WMSD website. The riddles corresponded with international videos posted on WMSD social media websites.

These adverts promoted the ‘1000 Faces of MS’ created a postcard campaign in the run up to the launch of the ‘1000 Face of MS’ wall. The posters served as useful tools to remind people living with MS to create their digital postcards for WMSD 2012. You can have a look at the ‘1000 Faces of MS’ wall here, Remember to create your digital WMSD postcard here.