Ana Moura supports World MS Day 2012In Portugal, Sociedade Portuguesa de Esclerose Múltipla (SPEM) has been extremely busy planning several social, educational, cultural and recreative activities across the country.  The activities hope to open the doors to the MS community towards promoting fulfilling lives, and raise awareness in the general public and decision makers, regarding the specific challenges of MS and addressing the importance of rights and social protection to the MS population.

Several special friends will be attending these events;

Ana Moura  is a fado singer and godmother of the Institution, and a very well know artist in Portugal and abroad.

Luísa Amaro is a special friend of the Institution and she is a classical guitarist, known by her work. 

Rui Barros, personal trainer of “Biggest Loser” (“Peso Pesado” in the Portuguese edition), will be present to teach a mobility open class. We expect great involvement on this activity and adherence by the media, because the TV show “Peso Pesado” created millions fans on its first edition  last year. The launch of the special exercise’s DVD to PwMS with the presence of Rui Barros will be a great moment to raise the levels of motivation on PwMS!