With only two weeks left until World MS Day 2012, we are excited about this year’s events, ranging from fashion shows to chess tournaments, will make the day even more of an international success.

Besides events, this year, for World MS Day we want the world to see and know the people who live with MS – in other words, many of you! So, we came up with a virtual postcard wall where you can show everyone who you are and what living with MS means to you. Make your postcard now to show the world that you are one of the “1000 faces of MS”!

Thank you to those of you who have already created a postcard to contribute to the “1000 faces of MS”. Please ask your circle of MS friends and family to create their own postcard too! Help us ensure that WMSD 2012 is the most successful yet!

One of the themes we are drawing attention to for WMSD 2012 is that people are most commonly diagnosed with MS between the ages of 25 and 31. It is at this stage in life when many people undergo major life changing events such as meeting life partners, moving home or starting a new career. Suddenly, they also have a serious health condition to understand and learn to live with. Postcards created so far reveal the issues people encounter when they experience the symptoms of MS for the first time.

Joaquim Agustí Canals, after finding himself with MS at the age of 27, says that he has spent “eight years with MS, each day trying to overcome tiredness, pains, limitations and symptoms that people do not understand.” He still finds that he is “having to explain on almost a daily basis what he is going through and what the condition is.”

Twenty year old Melissa Hoffman was even younger when she received her diagnosis. “I was diagnosed at 16 which was four years ago. I went numb on my right side and the doctor thought I had a pinched nerve and the hospital first thought I had a stroke. I was in the hospital for seven days when I was finally diagnosed.” Help us raise awareness of MS to help people like Joaquim and Melissa by spreading the World MS Day campaign.