The Austrian MS Society organised a day of events for People with MS in celebration of World MS Day this year. They held a discussion about the difficulties people with MS face, which was  attended by Minister of Social Affairs Rudolf Hundstorfer, medical experts and members of Government. They also held workshops which focussed on addressing four topics – adapting lifestyle, influence of psychological factors, advances in immunotherapy, and the benefits of sports and rehabilitation to improve mobility.

The objectives of the day were threefold: to share information on current medical research and treatment, therapy and support available to people with MS, and to allow people with MS and their relatives and carers to share their experiences.

Over 300 people attended from all over Austria, which took place in the Hotel Marriot on the 28th May.

To find out more about the day and the work of the Austrian MS Society, visit their website and to see photos from the day, and from events around the world, go to the flickr collection “World MS Day 2011″