The Mumbai chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) went all out in their awareness raising campaign for World MS Day this year. They set up banners, posters and information stands all over the city on the 25th May giving information about MS and particularly this year’s theme of Work and Employment.

As well as having banners up at various hospitals, they also had brochures in offices, Churchgate Railway station, the prestigious sporting event the Bombay Gymkhana, and even at Byculla Zoo. At Dadar Bandstand they gave out pamphlets as “Something Relevant”, a local rock band, played music. Sheela Chitnis  from MSSI was also given two slots to talk about the day and work related issues people with MS face on a daily basis.

MSSI Mumbai also organised a half-day teaching workshop aimed at educating volunteers and staff in spreading awareness of MS. They focussed particularly on “Advocating for Employment Facilities” and “Improving Quality of Life”.  In solidarity with MSSI chapters in the rest of the country, they also formed a human chain.