On the 25th May MS-Steunactie met with the Minister of Health in Belgium.

The group (which translates as MS Action Group) presented Minister J.M. Delizée with a petition to change the way the law treats people with MS. The list of suggestions – which include things such as changing the difference in financial support for those living with relatives and those not, and people with MS being made eligible for a handicap parking card – was handed to the Minister by a group of delegates from the group (see below photograph).

Minister for Health J.M. Delizée meets with the delegates

They plan to review how well their suggestions have been implemented in September of this year.

You can help them in their efforts by visiting the below link and clicking “I’m attending” to show you support their cause. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203156736388573 You can also read more about the petition and each of the points outlined in it on their website http://www.ms-steunactie.be/