On the 25th May in Switzerland, AC Bellizona will play its last game of the super league against Grasshopper Club Zurich. To coincide with World MS Day celebrations, the players of both teams will begin the game wearing t-shirts with the slogan “giving up is not an option for people with MS: help them to keep going”. While the players warm up in these t-shirts, there will be information given over the speaker system about MS and World MS Day. This symbol of solidarity has been arranged in partnership with The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, who will also be present at the Media conference after the match.

An exchange programme between Switzerland and America has also formed part of the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society’s World MS Day Celebrations. Nicole Iten from Bern and Jackie Blue from Washington DC have travelled to each other’s countries to find out the different ways in which living with MS impacts on people’s lives around the world.

Find out more about Nicole and Jackie’s experiences and the work of the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society by visiting their website: www.multiplesklerose.ch.